Bacon Jerky Combo Pack - 5 Flavors (10 oz.)

from Bacon Freak
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Bacon Freak Bacon Jerky Combo Pack - This gift pack includes 1 each of our original 5 Bacon Jerky Flavors: Cajun, Pepper, Jalapeno, Honey BBQ and Summer BLT.

We have created the first ever bacon jerky. No longer are you limited to eating bacon at home, you can now take our pouches with you and eat bacon at work, school or simply as a great snack no matter where you are at anytime throughout your day. Bacon Freak promises you that this is a snack that you won’t soon forget.


For the bacon-vert or bacon-noisseur, Bacon Freak's country-style bacon is hand-cut, dry-cured and hand-rubbed to perfection.
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