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Get 2 packages of yummy bacon delivered to your door for 3 months!!! In your first shipment, you will get loads of free gifts, including a T-shirt!

Bacon Freak Bacon is pure bacony heaven! Our bacon is prepared the old-fashioned way to bring you the most flavorful and robust piece of bacon your taste buds have had the pleasure of tasting. We also hand-rub each piece of bacon with flavors such as Cajun, apple cinnamon, jalapeno, honey BBQ, Maple, brown sugar, vanilla bourbon, sun-dried tomato and of course pepper to ensure that you get a burst of flavor in each and every bite. Lastly, our bacon doesn’t shrink, it doesn’t splatter and when you cook a pound of bacon, you get a pound of bacon. That is why our Bacon Freak Bacon is the only bacon you can fry naked.

What's included in each shipment you ask?
*** 2 packages of uniquely distinct and delectably delicious packs of premium-quality, gourmet, “Blue Ribbon Winning” bacon delivered to your door each month for 3 months.
*** Our fun, informative and highly valuable Monthly Newsletter with helpful hints, articles and Special “Members Only” discounts, above & beyond our normal regularly great prices!
*** Interesting and insightful information regarding each of the month's specially “Featured” bacons!


For the bacon-vert or bacon-noisseur, Bacon Freak's country-style bacon is hand-cut, dry-cured and hand-rubbed to perfection.
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